Joseph R. Accinno Teaching Award Recipient 2013-14

Dr. Fred K. Drogula


“It is important to me that students understand why they are taking a class, so they can identify and pursue their goals. In every class I teach, I tell my students that I am offering them three different things: facts, skills, and understanding. I warn them that these components of knowledge are progressively difficult to obtain—facts can be acquired through simple memorization, but the skills of critical reading, writing, speaking, and thinking require intense effort, practice, and review. Finally, a deeper understanding of humanity and its nature, and of the fundamental events and ideas that drive the evolution of a society, can only be obtained through long reflection and profound thought. I warn my students, however, that I cannot simply ‘give’ them any of this knowledge—they must earn it for themselves through effort and discipline. I see myself as a partner and co-laborer with my students; we work together to reach their goals and to expand their knowledge and intellectual skills. I show my students the path to their educational objectives, I try to motivate and inspire them to reach their goals, and I offer them every type of assistance to overcome the challenges in their way, but ultimately I expect them to put in the time and effort to get where they want to go.”