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Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminar 2019

Applications are due on Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

The spring 2019 Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminar has a pedagogical theme that can be considered from a range of perspectives and teaching approaches. As with previous IFS experiences, faculty will meet regularly throughout the semester to consider their understandings of and connections to the theme. During the academic year that follows the seminar (2019-2020), participants will be invited to apply for pedagogical mini-grants that are designed to extend teaching practices and enrich student learning and engagement.

IFS Experiential Learning
Sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Center for Teaching Excellence

2018 Time Seminar Participants:

Jennifer Illuzzi (Seminar Coordinator), History
The Timelessness of the “Gypsy”: The Roman Catholic Church and Romani in Italy, 1860-1970

Joseph Cosgrove, Philosophy
Time and Spacetime: The Theory of Time in Contemporary Theoretical Physics

Paul Herron, Political Science
The Temporal Construction of Southern Politics

Christopher Lyddy, Management
Being Present While Doing: Exploring the Heart of Contemplative Management

Susan Skawinski, Elementary/Special Education
Considering Historical and Cultural Impacts on the Development of Multicultural Children’s and Adolescents’ Literature

Victoria Templer, Psychology
Memory: The Neural and Cognitive Anchor to the Human and Nonhuman Experience of Time.