Teaching Tips

The links below provide some specific tips for frequent faculty teaching concerns as well as links to additional resources.

  • First Day of Class
  • Instructional Continuity
    • Illness, conferences, travel, inclement weather… these and many other reasons can create the need to cancel or reschedule a class, assignment, or activity. The occasional snow day may not be a a major set-back in student learning, but what happens when you face a winter of endless blizzards, or you need to be out of the classroom for an extended period of time? ┬áMany online tools have made it possible to continue instruction in spite of interruptions, ensuring that students continue to learn the materials necessary for the course. This Wiki is dedicated to outlining some tools and best practices to consider your need to modify your schedule and take your face-to-face class into the online setting.
  • Engaging Students
  • Helping Students Cope with Stage Fright
  • Promoting Academic Integrity