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Experiential Learning - IFS 2019

IFS Experiential LearningSeminar Participants:

Eric Sung (Seminar Coordinator), Art
Understanding Process and Product for Experiential Learning in Photographic Image Making

Ruth Ben-Artzi, Political Science
Follow the Money: Trade, Immigration, and Human Rights

Kathleen Cornely, Chemistry
The HICA Project: A Biochemistry Laboratory CURE (Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience)

Dana Dillon, Theology
Learning Theology Experientially: A Shared Journey to Truth and Love

Sonia Gantman, Accountancy
The Role of the Accounting Information Systems Class and Experiential Learning in Preparing Students for the Audit Class and the Job Market

Ana Cecilia Iraheta, Foreign Language Studies
Getting to Know Our Spanish-Speaking Neighbors through the Study of Language Variation: Classroom and Experiential-Based Learning Approaches

Marcy Zipke, Elementary/Special Education
Teaching with Technology: Learning on the Job