Faculty Travel

The Center for Teaching Excellence has a limited travel budget to fund a small number of faculty each year to attend conferences that promote excellence in teaching.

All funding requests should include the following:

  • Conference dates and description (a link to the conference website would be adequate).
  • Estimated expenses (follow the PC Academic Affairs guidelines for travel).
  • A brief description of the potential impact of the conference on teaching, pedagogy, and/or student learning.
  • Other sources of travel funding.

Funding requests should be sent to cte@providence.edu

Within 2 weeks of return, faculty need to submit:

  • Reimbursement request (including original receipts) that does not exceed amount approved by the CTE director.
  • A brief (1-2 page) report that summarizes the following (this may be emailed to cte@providence.edu):
    • What you learned from the conference.
    • How your teaching/scholarship will be impacted by the conference experience.
    • What you need to follow up on (books/articles to read, teaching strategies to try, technology to explore, etc.).