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Faculty Resources

The following set of documents were created by the Teaching: Pedagogy, Instructional Technology, and Support Subgroup of the Providence College Continuity Task Force.

Teaching/Classroom FAQ
This page contains answers to questions posed by faculty members in recent focus groups.    The document will be updated as new information is gathered.
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Pedagogy Task Force Recommendations
This document contains recommendations from the Teaching: Pedagogy, Instructional Technology, and Support Subgroup of the Providence College Continuity Task Force.

Faculty FAQ (Virus Control, Classrooms, and HR)
This document was created by the Communications group of the CTF and it provides answers to frequent questions related to the Fall semester.

Example Class Videos
These videos were created by the subgroup to demonstrate different pedagogical approaches to the fall semester.
HyFlex Example
Asynchronous Example
Example of Discussion with Remote Learners

Mask Compliance Policy
Guidance for classrooms and department offices for mask compliance procedures

CTE, ITDP, and IT Resources

The following resources were previously designed by CTE, ITDP, and IT.   We are including them here for easy access.

Blend by Design
An online program that assists faculty with course design and delivery in a hybrid/blended learning environment.   It provides guidance for crafting learning experiences, building assessments, and creating a social presence.

Planning for the Semester
Guidance for saving old courses on Sakai, revamping your course sites for the new semester, and more.

Remote Learning and Instructional Continuity
This joinable Sakai site is a robust resource for faculty.   It contains information, tutorials, and resources for all aspects of your course whether it is online, hybrid, hyflex, or face-to-face.

Trainings and Events

Upcoming events for CTE, ITDP, and IT trainings are available at the following webpages.

Additional Resources:

One Stop Providence College
Resources for registration, academic advising, financial aid, study abroad, student life, and other student resources.

COVID-19 Workplace/Employee Support and Compliance Guide
The Office of Human Resources, and several collaborators, have developed a comprehensive COVID-19 Workplace/Employee Support and Compliance Guide.

OAS Proctoring Service Adjustments for Faculty
The Office of Academic Services (OAS) created this document to describe the logistical and procedural changes in their proctoring service for students with disabilities. 

Academic Advising Resources
This set of documents and guides provides academic advisors with tools to help them advise in the upcoming semester.