Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminar 2016: Systems

Seminar Participants:

Jessica Mulligan (Seminar Coordinator), Health Policy and Management
Unsystematic: Navigating the U.S. Health Care System as the Newly Insured

Comfort Ateh, Secondary Education
A Crosscutting Concept in the Next Generation Science Standards for Exploring and Understanding ideas in Science and Engineering

Ruth Ben-Artzi, Political Science
The Global Governance System of International Aid 

Toby Harper, History
The Ordering of the British Empire: The Honours System and the Transformation of British Hierarchies in the Twentieth Century 

Stephen Mecca, Engineering-Physics-Systems
The Value of Systems Thinking 

Adam Myers, Political Science
The Entanglement of Party Conflict within the American Federal System 

Jonathan Richardson, Biology
More than the Sum of its Parts: Using Ecosystem to Understand Nature 

Trina Vithayathil, Global Studies
The Caste System and the Production of Inequality in Urban India

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