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Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminar 2011: Relationships

Seminar Participants:

Keith Morton (Seminar Coordinator), Public & Community Service Studies
Building Community

Joseph Cammarano, Political Science
Lynne Lawson, Engineering/Physics/Systems
Science and Citizenship: How Knowledge of Basic Scientific Principles Contributes to Becoming an Educated Citizen and How Education for Citizenship Makes for Better Scientists

Angela Licia Carlson, Philosophy
Disability, Music and the Relationship Among Religious Communities

Sandra Keating, Theology
“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others”: The Roman Catholic Contribution to Healing Relationships Among Religious

Paul Maloney, Finance

Is “Catholic Business” an Oxymoron? The Relationship Between Catholic Principles and American Business

Michael Spiegler, Psychology
The Client-Therapist Relationship as a Microcosm of Interpersonal Relationships

Benjamin Yost, Philosophy
Am I My Brother’s Keeper?: Toward a New Understanding of Normative Relationships