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Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminar 2010: Beauty

Seminar Participants:

Bruce Graver (Seminar Coordinator), English
Some Versions of Picturesque Beauty

Elisabeth Arevalo, Biology
Does the evolutionary process select for beautiful organisms?

Helen Caldwell, Marketing
Women and the Beauty Industry: A Complex and Intertwined Relationship

Peter Costello, Philosophy
Towards a Phenomenology of the Beautiful: Husserl, Merleau-Ponty, and Derrida on Film

Matthew Cuddeback, Philosophy
Divine Artistry and Human Stewardship: Cultivating Beauty

Sang Woo Kang, Music
The Experience of Capturing Beauty in Music: Variety in Musical Experiences

Edgar Mejia, Foreign Language Studies
Beauty in the Marketplace: Spanish American Modernista Poetry

Eric Sung, Art and Art History
Beautiful Pictures of Ugly Subjects: Mediated Beauty in Photography